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How can I pray? – How can I have faith?

Konfirmandenunterricht im September und Oktober – Reviews von Amber und Oliver Haase und von Leah Wachsmuth


The Konfirmanden-Gruppe has now met a few times and we would like to provide a brief summary of what was discussed and learnt in the third and fourth gathering or Konfirmation-Class:

During the third Konfirmanden-Sunday we talked about „How can we have Faith?”. We talked about different things that can help us have Faith. To have Faith in Jesus is to lean all your weight on him. It is about being able to trust him and being able to listen to him, and to do this, all you have to do is ask him. Jesus doesn’t force anyone to let him in to their life – the choice is completely ours. If you want to become a Christian, it involves faith and daring to believe gods promises. He has promised to be with us for ever, so just ask him, and he will be there for us forever.

A few weeks later we had our fourth Konfirmanden-Class, and this time, we talked about „Why and how do I pray?”. Praying is how you can develop a strong relationship between you and God. Many people pray when bad things happen to get guidance and help, while there are other people that pray every night and talk to God about what they do and what has happened. He might not have a direct answer but he always hears us. We can pray to the Father (God), to his son (Jesus), and to the Holy Spirit. We can pray wherever and whenever we like, and you can use this simple tip to help: “THANKS” – thanking God for something, “SORRY“ – saying sorry for something you’ve done wrong, and “PLEASE” – asking God for something you need help with.

Throughout these different sessions, all Konfirmanden have contributed equally by expressing their thoughts and ideas. It was really fun to listen to everybody else’s point of view, and we feel that we have come closer as a group. We get to know how each one feels around the different topics that are being discussed. It is such a nice atmosphere and a great group to be around as it makes it easier and more fun to learn. We have also all become a stronger part of the community and they are all so supportive of the course we are on, and Pastor Thomas is a great teacher to learn from. We can proudly say that we are learning effectively through this course, and have learnt a lot more about God and where we stand with him.

Oliver & Amber Haase


The two last times in Konfi class we talked about ‘How can I pray?’ and “How can I have faith?’ We decided that we all have faith in our God, the church and Jesus. Some of us have more faith than others, and we did say that having faith in something is different than believing. That is because having faith in something means that you trust in it and have strong feelings towards it, but to believe means that you accept it. To have a good impression of faith we saw a snippet from a James Bond movie where he jumps off a dam – and the only thing that saves his life is a bungee cord that he has to have faith in.
When we talked about praying we said that is was like a direct message to God. We agreed that when we have no one to talk to about things that trouble us, we can talk to God because he is always there for us. A good example of praying is saying “Thank you for… “, “Sorry about…”, and “Please help me with…” That is the fundamental base for a prayer. While we were discussing we saw a snippet from the movie Bruce Almighty, and how the main character, “God” was receiving millions of prayers every second. This showed us in a funny way that people use prayers to have a personal connection with God.

Leah Wachsmuth

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