An afternoon tour to Bundeena

We had an afternoon available for a short ride and thought it might be a good idea to meet a new Luther Angel amongst our midst: Annarosa. She has been riding a motorbike for just 2 years and was keen to gain some more experience, and thus we set off heading south. Most other Angels were still away in Germany so it was just us two.

We had a lovely cool sunny day and headed along the beautiful curvy roads of the Royal National Park through Audley to Bundeena, where we had lunch. We had a bit of a chat about the tour coming up in early October for a few days in Victoria, with a few friends of hers from Melbourne.

On the way back, we again enjoyed the scenery of the Royal National Park before we got home after about 120km. It must have been one of the shortest rides ever 😉

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    What a lovely short ride that was! Thank you Tilmann.

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