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Dankeschön vom Australian Lutheran World Service

Am 10. Dezember 2017 feierte unsere Gemeinde das Adventsfest in Chester Hill (siehe auch hier). Die Kollekte und die Einnahmen von der Kuchentheke haben wir am 18. Dezember 2017 an den Australian Lutheran World Service (ALWS) gespendet. Jetzt kam ein Brief von Jonathan Krause, dem Community Action Manager von ALWS mit einem dicken Dankeschön:

Thank you!
Dear Members of German Lutheran Church,
You might be surprised how something as simple as chillies can changes family’s world.
The story I’m about to share with you shows how donations like your wonderful gift of $781.25 can GROW in impact when matched with hard work. (NB: The receipt is below.)
The idea for chillies in a small community on Mentawai Island in Indonesia started when a community leader, Dentius, saw the high price of chillies in the market, and the success of a women’s group in another village growing chillies. Dentius‘ community formed their own Women’s Group with 21 members, then received watering cans and seeds from our ALWS partner in Indonesia.
Dentius said, „The land for our garden was like a forest and needed to be cleared for us to begin. Some women thought it looked too hard and so they left the group. Then there were 11 women left. They did not give up.“ The result? A harvest of at least 3kg of chillies every week, and enough profit from sales to pay the fees for the women’s children to attend school!
Hard work. Commitment. Sacrifice. The willingness to work together, and encourage each other.
These are exactly the qualities I see in what you do through ALWS – thank you!
Yours in service,
Jonathan Krause
Community Action Manager, ALWS

Den kompletten Brief haben wir als PDF-Datei hier hochgeladen.

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