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Feier der Osternacht aus zwei Sichtweisen

Die Kirche wurde durch Kerzenlicht  freundlich erleuchtet.
Ein kleines Feuer schlug große Flammen.
Einmal mehr wurde mir bewusst wie wichtig symbolische Handlungen sind:
Eine dunkle Nacht – ein festlicher Einzug in eine dunkle Kirche – die gemeinsame Bestückung des Altars, der am Ende so hell strahlte.
Eine Hoffnung fue uns alle.
Mit gemeinsamen Abendmahl,Segen und aufgehender Sonne ging eine besondere Nacht zu ende.


What goes through your mind, when you get dragged along by your partner, don’t understand any German and only have a vague idea what’s going on:
Sunday 4.15 am the alarm goes off. Oh my goodness – what have I got myself into this time!!!!!
The roads from Mona Vale to Chester Hill are eerily quiet, very spooky!
We walk up the new drive way and see the candles flickering on the steps of the church. We are greeted by Andrea, Peter and his son, waiting eagerly to light the small fire.
Into the community hall where we place our baking tray among lots of other breakfast essentials. The tables have been laid out beautifully with little Easter decorations.
The congregation assembles at the stairs, where Andrea welcomes us all and starts the sermon. (Peter’s son eager to throw more wood on the small fire)
It’s very peaceful and although my German is practically zilch I can relate to what Andrea is saying about the resurrection of Jesus.
We are then invited into the church. Where it has been beautifully decorated with more candles and such.
During the sermon we sing a few hymns, join hands, bless each other and my first, drink some wine and eat a small biscuit of some sort.
I can’t believe how calm it all felt and my thought at the time was: “This is how mankind should be towards each other – all the time.” If I can hold hands and bless Mark (a Sydney Swans supporter) whose team absolutely thrashed my team the night before. It is not to difficult to put differences aside.
A great job to those who spoke played the organ and once again the decorations.
We finished the sermon to a beautiful dawn and the coffee, cakes and yummies were a treat.
We shared some lovely conversations as we ate.
My thanks to all you lovely people who as always are so nice to me. I will see you there again.

Peace be with you, Bruce

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