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Gebet zur Abstimmung zur Voice

With the referendum just over four weeks away we are inviting you to join us in prayer for this significant moment in our country’s history.

As many of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Christian Leaders have reminded us this year, we need to be approaching and grounding our response to this referendum in prayer.


“To me all of these issues need to be based on prayer and asking God to guide us and to help us. We need to be coming together at the foot of the cross and acknowledge the history of this nation, which has not been a very good history, and it’s only as we come to the cross and meet with our Saviour that things could change.”

Aunty Jean Phillips, Senior Aboriginal Christian Leader


“One request from me is to encourage the church to work out where their knees are because we need to pray a lot more in this country for the issues of justice.”

Uncle Pastor Dr Ray Minniecon, Aboriginal Christian Leader


Over the next four weeks, up until the referendum, we will be sharing a series of weekly prayer emails with an invitation for you to commit time each day to prayer.

Each of these emails will include prayer requests and bible verses as part of a daily call to prayer.

If you have already signed our Listen to the Heart ‘Voice & Justice 2023’ pledge you will receive this first weekly prayer email starting this Saturday 16 September 2023.

To join us in our Month of Prayer for Voice & Justice please sign the Voice & Justice pledge today.

We would also welcome you to share this invitation to prayer. Encourage your friends and faith community to join us in prayer by signing up to the Voice & Justice Pledge to receive this weekly email series.

If you would like to receive these daily prayer prompts to your phone, you can also register to receive a daily text message from Common Grace by filling in your details here.

Thank you for being on this journey with us towards healing and reconciliation. 

In hope and prayers,

Bianca, Safina and the Common Grace team

PS. Invite your friends and faith community to come together in prayer over the next month and sign our Voice & Justice 2023 pledge to receive these weekly emails. Share this email or the personal invitation from Bianca Manning, Common Grace’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Justice Coordinator, on our social media here.

PPS. If you are looking for further resources and FAQs to help you engage around the upcoming referendum please visit

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