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Thanksgiving Service bei St Pauls Lutheran Church, Sydney am 23. October 2022

Thanksgiving Service 23 October at 16:00

Greetings from St Paul’s Sydney!

You are invited to be involved in our Multicultural Service. This service of thanksgiving is planned for 4pm Sunday October 23rd, at St Paul’s in Sydney.

To assist our planning we’d like to ask you whether you might be able to contribute a prayer or other contribution to the service order- such as a Bible reader or a song or hymn in your heart language.

We would also like to ask whether you have members of your congregations who could provide an entertainment item for our gathering afterwards in the Hall. A music item or group would be a wonderful addition to the shared time!

At the end of the service we are planning a shared meal in the Hall. It would be great if members of your congregation were able to prepare and bring a special dish that reflects your cultural heritage. Please advise us if this would be possible.


Thank you for your response.

God bless and keep you.


Bridgitte Willshire

Mission and Ministry Facilitator

St Paul’s Sydney

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